If the aroma of freshly made donuts, party cookies and homemade fudge does not get you, the fresh hot biscuits filled with savory sausage, country ham and thickly sliced tenderloin surely will.
“Everything we have is ‘Dee-Deelicious,” said owner, Sherrell Frederick, adding the extra ‘D’ for emphasis.
The quaint little bakery sports a welcoming storefront and even features a dining area for customers who like to sit and chat while enjoying their treats.
Each Tuesday – Saturday from 6 a.m. – 12 p.m., customers line up at the door to place their orders for the day and catch up on local topics.
“We have regulars who come every day and they have become family,” Frederick said. “If they miss a day or two, we start worrying about them.”
Frederick bought the business in 2005 from Fred and Reba Castille.
The shop features numerous flavors of donuts, cookies, peanut butter balls, dipped pretzels, fudge and even burgers, BLTs and Grilled Cheese sandwiches for lunch.

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